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Agile Testing for Java Developers Learn how to use these tools: JUnit, Cactus, EJBUnit, HTTPUnit, Clover, Jester, MockMaker, EasyMock, JFCUnit, Jemmy, Abbot, NoUnit, JUnit-addons, JUnitPerf, Enhanced JUnit, DBUnit, SQLUnit, FIT, FITnesse, WATT, ANT, Test Mentor, and JTest.
Agile Testing for Java Developers Learn how to release better code faster and with less cost and risk through Test-driven development.
Agile Testing for Java Developers Learn how to use lightweight processes such as Extreme Programming to handle change, streamline your development and write better code, faster.
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  What is SilverMark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition?

SilverMark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition is a functional test and test modeling tool for Java developers to use as they develop their Java classes, clusters, subsystems, frameworks, and other components, either deployed on the client or the server during unit and integration testing.

Silvermark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition is composed of four aspects:
  • test modeling and documentation
  • test creation
  • test execution
  • test results management

Test modeling and documentation

Silvermark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition provides rich semantics and a visual vocabulary for modeling and documenting tests. Tests may be described at various levels by personnel ranging from business analysts to developers.

Test creation

Silvermark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition provides a user interface for defining elements of tests as intelligent, reusable test assets. These assets are imbued with component test-specific properties and behaviors that perform much of the work that developers normally code by hand.

Silvermark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition provides a test creation environment that accelerates test creation by providing short cuts, wizards and automatic test code generation.

Test execution

All test assets created by Silvermark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition are generated as 100% pure Java code, and as such may operate as stand-alone Java applications. This means that they can be run independently of all but a few key Test Mentor classes and do not require any special user interface.

Test results management

Silvermark’s Test Mentor – Java Edition provides a user interface for navigating and analyzing test results, which included captured unhandled exceptions, fine grained execution timing, and method coverage metrics. Results are generated as XML for later analysis or baseline comparison.

Value Proposition

When it is easy to create tests, you will be more likely to create them in greater quantities, earlier in the development cycle. Being able to run high coverage tests on a regular basis gives you the confidence to release new and changed code, which translates into the ability to develop code with higher overall quality, reduced costs from defects and lower risk to product delivery schedules.

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Key Points

Automatically generate tests from:

  • Guided wizards
  • Parameter analysis
  • Rational Rose models

Tests are composed of reusable intelligent artifacts such as:

  • Requirements specifications
  • Sequences of stimuli
  • Response validators
  • Reference objects
  • Input variations

Test WebSphere server components such as Servlets and EJBs.

Test and debug within leading Java IDE’s

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